We have recently been approached by some Web Design Reviews Sites & Regulatory Bodies with a view to joining their organisations. They promise a very good selection of leads that are generated and will allow a company to purchase them to approach said lead. This sounds like a great way to generate more business, but the old saying is very true here.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!”

We signed up to a few to see how successful (or not) they might be in relation to gathering real leads that we could market our services to.

We soon found out a HUGE flaw in these websites.

They usually ask you to spend money on an initial signup fee, which can be anything from £50-£600 depending on how many employees you have. How this has any bearing on a cost I do not know!

They will then send you out what they call “genuine” leads based on your location and also on the services you have said you offer in your profile.

This is where their flawed systems start.

As a purchaser of these leads you can’t see anything more than very top-line project information until you actually part with your money. This can be anywhere from £12-£75 per lead depending on the budget of the “client”.

We have no way of telling beforehand if these leads are actually genuine companies or in fact people in the selling company just making up projects, posting them and claiming to be a potential client. iamOlly has a very good article here:-


Even when you purchase the lead and try to contact the person on the details provided, it is very rare that they will get back to you via email or on the phone.

The few times we have been able to make contact, they say that they have already found their company of choice! We find this difficult to believe as we contacted them within 30 mins of the project being emailed to us.

There is no way of telling if these leads are genuine, therefore buyers of these leads should be very wary.

Our success rate for contacting clients from the tests we completed was 5%.

When you consider the time, effort and finances we have spent on so called “premium lead” services, 5% successful contact with a potential client is not a good return.

These companies are simply set up to take as much money from lead generation as possible and do not provide solid leads that you can market your services to.

Our opinion is to stick to the tried and tested methods of marketing that you know will work. E-mail campaigns, Press Adverts, SEO, PPC and of course the best one of all – Word of mouth!